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Coffee business flourishes at the NQ Small Business Development Centre

Posted on 25th Feb 2012 @ 9:59 PM


Coffee business flourishes at the NQ Small Business Development Centre

Justin Humphrey - the man once dubbed ‘Mr Coffee’ after he jointly established then sold his
share of one of the city’s best-known coffee houses - is now back in business and selling to
cafés and restaurants all over North Queensland from his base at the region’s small business

Running his entire production from the North Queensland Small Business Development Centre
(NQSBDC) in Condon, where he has a dedicated stainless steel roasting machine, Mr Humphrey
is building Bounce Coffee Co on freshness with the support of the centre.

“Townsville customers are demanding a better coffee product,” Mr Humphrey said, who jointly
established Coffee Dominion in 2000.

“Coffee starts to deteriorate after three to four weeks. It’s at its best from day five to 20, but then
starts to go downhill, no matter how it’s stored. I source the best quality beans from as close as
The Whitsundays and as far as PNG, Brazil and Columbia; but the difference is that the day they
come out of the roaster is the day they are in transit to local cafés - not packed away for months
or put on a truck to travel halfway around the country.

“You can’t get any fresher and people are definitely tasting the difference. Thankfully, you can’t
get away with poor quality product in Townsville anymore, that’s why I’m focused on bringing the
best coffee to the people.”

Mr Humphrey’s focus is on the wholesale supply of the award-winning Farm Fresh blend, but he
also offers free training to staff at local venues on how to make a memorable drop that will have
customers coming back.

“I’m a sales and service agent as much as a manufacturer and part of my role involves going into
cafés and restaurants and taking staff through the process of making coffee properly. You could
have the best coffee in the world, yet it could be ruined if staff don’t know how to use the
machines,” he said.

One of the locations that has recently started to stock Justin’s coffee is the Townsville RSL.
French-trained executive chef Patrick Senent said the venue’s highly-acclaimed Lavaracks
Restaurant only sourced the highest quality ingredients from its suppliers.

“I demand only the best for our patrons and I have never met anyone who is more dedicated to
producing a quality coffee experience than Justin Humphrey from Bounce Coffee Co,” Patrick

said. “Justin is not just dedicated to his product, but delivers this passion in his training to our
front of house staff.”

From his site at the NQSBDC, Justin is steadily increasing production as demand grows and is
now supplying from Mackay to Mount Isa and as far as Adelaide and Broome. He recently had
an order from New Mexico.

“I’m very grateful for the support I’ve received at the small business centre, which has helped me
to develop and implement my business plan. It’s not easy starting your own business and they’ve
constantly been there cheering me on and helping me to further grow Bounce Coffee Co,” Mr
Humphrey said.

NQSBDC business advisor Chris Cottrell said it was wonderful to assist Bounce Coffee Co and
watch the business grow, and the centre was always looking for more people like Justin. The
award-winning business incubator, which is usually at capacity, currently has vacancies for other
businesses wishing to receive assistance and guidance.

“The NQSBDC has a variety of light industrial workshop and office spaces and even a dedicated
facility for IT professionals, all offered at discounted rate with one-month leases to give
businesses the best start possible,” Mr Cottrell said.

“Just like Justin, we can assist them to develop a business plan, give them a personal advisor,
and even provide access to an accountant or lawyer. There have been numerous success
stories that have come out of the NQSBDC.”

Those wanting to put a bounce in their business can contact the centre at (07) 4723 8491 for
more details.


Justin Humphrey, Bounce Coffee Co owner: 0405 324 640, justin@bouncecoffee.com,